WELCOME TO Cocoonspa

“CocoonSpa”  is an integral centre of wellness and manual therapies that was born with the objective of supporting the development of healthy habits that improve the quality of life and the physical and mental well-being of our clients and partners. The current way of life involves high levels of stress that weaken our health and our quality of life. Knowing the human body and the rhythm of work to which we subject it due to tension, food, postural and / or emotional excesses, the quality of our lives depends on the care of the body and the mind.


All the techniques and therapies offered by “Cocoon Spa”  share the three basic pillars of well-being: body, mind and spirit. In this way, the centre focuses all its attention on offering all our clients and partners an integral care of their person, regardless of their age or physical characteristics. A way to enjoy a totally different moment of relaxation, away from stress and accompanied by the best professionals in the lazy suburbs of the very upmarket of India.